Anton Toulon

The Artiste


Anton Toulon is a handsome, well-built man with chisled features one would expect from a former knight. He has blond hair and brown eyes with patrician features one might expect more of Roman descent.

Toulon favors fine clothing and robes, though its rumored he still has his armor stowed away with his villa. He often wears a few pieces of jewelry as well, usually a pair of silver rings and a necklace.


Anton Toulon is believed to have come from France in early years. He was already kindred on his arrival and some joke it was his Roman ancestry that drew him due to his patrician features. He was a infamous French Knight before his Embrace, disgraced for his preference in men and the arts when not slaughtering the enemies of France.

As a Kindred, Toulon has found the freedom of death, going fully into his tastes. He maintains a stable of ‘squires’ he has ghouled to keep them young and strong. He makes it a point to teach them and truly squire them as well and occasionally gives the Embrace as a gift to a worthwhile candidate. All of them join his Order of the Rose, serving Toreador interests across Italy.

When not enjoying his ‘mentoring’ duties, Toulon is often working on one piece of art or another. He receives commissions often due to his speed and quality of work. He enjoys the patronage of many of the Italian members of the Curia which has kept him awash in wealth to pursue his lifestyle in the Long Nights.

Anton Toulon

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