Girzu Koslov

The Fiend


Girzu Koslov is a vile creature that is horrific to behold. He has warped and sculpted himself, his frame shifting over the years as his needs change. His skin is pale and ashen usually, favoring red eyes and sharp teeth though always with the capacity to speak.

Koslov often has a band of Szlatcha on hand for various tasks, the grotesques twisted as well into shapes more useful for his desired purposes.


Girzu Koslov arrived after the death of Prince Constantinus. With the battle for Praxis roaring on, he has made several attempts to seize it for himself. His efforts have thus far been thwarted seemingly often by the work of Vitoli Cirnu.

The two Tzimisce have maintained a hostile though cordial relationship. Neither strikes directly at the other’s Haven out of respect for hospitality. Instead they use the city as their battleground with Cirnu often leading hunts against Koslov’s Szlathca monstrosities in the Undercity.

Some kindred pick up work from this, serving one side or the other for compensation. Koslov himself also tends to attempt to sabotage others trying to control the city. It is believed he is responsible for the deaths of three ancillae so far who have dared to pursue becoming Prince.

Girzu Koslov

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