Ibrim ibn Ruyyad

The Merchant of Set


Ibrim ibn Rayyud is a strongly built Saracen with dark skin and long dark hair. His eyes are oddly golden and he notably is clean shaven to better display his feature. He favors robes and fine clothing to display his success as a merchant.


A Saracen of great wit and silver tongue, Ibrim serves as a purveyor of the many dark delights craved by both Mortal and Kindred. He plays no favorites in his clientele, serving all and expecting his business to be respected in turn. Ibrim has a small but fanatical cult of mortals who worship him as a living god or embodiment of Set. The Setite delights in this but uses his cultists as much for his business activities as for his religious actions.

He owns and operates the House of the Red Sand as his personal business, though its believed he has various other investments that allow him to supply it. The men and women who service it are all members of his cult, but willingly offer themselves up for feeding to kindred clientele so long as their master is appropriately compensated.

He offers a means to enter the Undercity as well through a chamber in his wine cellar. It is free to use, but violence is not tolerated. Violators finds themselves often doused in oils and ignited by cultists on watch.

Ibrim ibn Ruyyad

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