Lady Silesia

Lady Regent


A woman of stunning features with pale skin and vivid red hair. She favors outfits that while of fine material are practical and lacking frills that could interfere with her movements or gestures.

Lady Silesia often has several retainers in tow, often one of whom is a man-at-arms to defend her against aggressors.

She is a seductive figure in Rome, though reviled by certain clans due to those she represents. Few can deny the value of her though when they might be requiring more obscure and occult solutions to their problems.


Lady Silesia is likely German, though she speaks perfectly fluent Italian. She arrived in the city and purchased an impressive Roman villa still standing within the walls of the city. Within a few years, the villa has been fully restored and walled to keep kine trespassers out.

The Lady Regent has made it clear this is her Chantry and that trespassers will regret entry onto the grounds. That being said, she often accepts requests for audiences from those willing to deal with her. She is a figure known for her great knowledge on magic and the occult in general.

She trades in this knowledge and skillset, but refuses to teach any the arts of Thaumaturgy that are not of her clan. Their have been acquisitions of witchcraft, but the accusers tend to go silent or vanish before they get too loud. Lady Silesia does not tolerate interference in her studies and work not related to the politics of the city. Those who threatened his Chantry and Apprentices will find her a quick and merciless foe.

Lady Silesia

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