The Patriarch


Pierleone, having escaped the dangers of life as a Jew ‘converted’ to Christianity, has resumed the dress style of his true heritage. He favors dark clothing and with a well-kept beard and generally a cap or hat for his head. His skin is tanned from his life before but generally favors not displaying his wealth on his person.

He can prove to be quite friendly and talkative to guests or those seeking his counsel, but is also a prideful man as befits his Ventrue nature.


A Ventrue of Jewish origin, he continues to reign as the undead patriarch of his mortal family that is now descended several centuries. Those he embraces tend to be of the family but usually only after they have had children of their own and proven their worth.

The Pierleoni family have held close to their patriarch, taking his advice and profiting from it. Pierleone himself seems to be willing to offer council to any who come seeking it in friendship and business. Those who make an enemy of the man rapidly find him to be far more intense and determined than he initially tend to let on though.

Several feuds in the city have been ended by Pierleone acting as arbiter between wronged parties, obviously for each side paying an equal portion of his fee. He will not take bribes on such matters and has been known to grow quite rude and furious with those who persist in insulting his honor.


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