Pontius Lucius

The Mad Keeper


Pontius Lucius is an intense looking man who favors dark robes most often. He has piercing eyes that many mutter see everything before them. Pontius does little to deter this outlook so as to feed into the fear that keeps his Elysia safe.

A noted quirk is his preference to consume blood from a glass chalice most often. Some think it serves as some means of cleansing, preventing the Mad Keeper from being slipped bad blood. Other think he’s just a poncy mad bastard who likes to drink his blood in a funny way.


No one can remember when Pontius joined the Long Nights. All they know is that as for the last few centuries, Pontius Lucius has always been Keeper of Elysia. When the last Prince of Rome perished, he did so having commanded Pontius to keep the Night Senate safe.

Much to his credit, Pontius has succeeded greatly in doing so and is rumored to have various Ghouls and thralls to assist him. None are sure where he gets the wealth to do so also, considering he never leaves the Night Senate. The result has been that the only Elysia left in Rome is the Night Senate as the obsessive Malkavian refuses to relent it or his office until a Prince tells him otherwise.

Pontius Lucius

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