Voice of the Nosferatu


Sesto is a pallid, ugly creature though still clearly a man. He might be mistakable for one ridden with some form of plague or leprosy save for his red eyes. He favors black, tattered robes and a skullcap most often to conceal his form and nature better. His fingernails are long and sharp, while his teeth bare obvious fangs.

He tends to speak like an educated and cultured figure, most likely a merchant or fallen patrician. He is known to be one to happily trade gossip, but will never initiate himself. Sesto opts to instead reward such snippets of information with bits of his own to advertise the knowledge of his clan.


Sesto appeared as the face of the Nosferatu about a century ago. Rumors abound say he was a failed merchant or fallen patrician driven into poverty by his enemies. Several deaths of notable mortal figures in the city followed his appearance, giving some credence to this, but no one has dared to try to pry more.

Sesto has since then become the voice and face of his clan in most affairs. He is one of the common fixtures in the Night Senate, always willing to chat even about seemingly banal and empty subjects. He is highly protective of his clan and their established territory in the Undercity known as the Labyrinth.

There has been more than one occasion where those travelling close to one of the Labyrinth’s entrances have been warned off by Sesto himself seemingly appearing out of nowhere.


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