Vitoli Cirnu

The Dragon


Vitoli Cirnu is a man of intensity, with handsome but severe features. He favors noble dress as befitting his station from his lands in Wallachia. Cirnu is known to maintain a suit of armor and almost always still has a sword or dagger at his side even on formal occasions.

He keeps himself well groomed and expects the same of his retainers and servants that serve his household.


Vitoli does not speak of his past and only mentions his sire when speaking on his behalf. The Wallachian knight does not care for Rome, but is here solely due to his sire’s interests in the city. Some whisper it was his sire who set one of the various hordes upon the city ages ago to feed into the collapse. This is a rumor one is wise not to openly discuss near the youthful knight.

Vitoli is served by some Roman peasantry but notably employs gypsies for more important task, including guarding his household during the daylight hours. This has put him at odds from time to time with the city guard, which he rectifies by adjust their minds.

Most of the time, Vitoli seems embroiled in battling the efforts of Girzu Koslov, the Tzimisce Fiend that lives on the other side of Rome.

Vitoli Cirnu

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